Exceed your renewable energy and sustainability targets

have you asked yourself:

Can we be more efficient, productive and save on expenditure?

Does your company have a sustainability target?

Had multiple warranty issues on a project?

Need confidence in market leading designers and installers?

Our present

With Rhyse Allen at the helm as General Manager, One Team Energy delivers second to none customer service and brings an extensive knowledge base across multiple fields.

We deliver only the best, defect free results in all of our projects to our marquee clients.

Our client base has grown rapidly to include government departments, schools, rail and most of Australia's largest retailers.

Our future

One Team Energy has a constant focus looking forward. We are forever developing and refining existing technologies and pioneering new methods to educate this and future generations on the necessity around Renewable Energy.

Our future is developing relationships with new and existing clients to navigate future energy requirements while educating and training our next generation of team members.

our present
our future

our vision

Our Vision

Every business has their own view or understanding on Renewable Energy.

For One Team, we firmly believe that the world is unfortunately consuming natural resources at an alarming and unsustainable rate.

We believe that we have a moral obligation to step in and make a change to the way we view and consume energy.

With amazing technical advances being made in the last decade and some brilliant forward thinking, a lot of these pioneered in Australia, we are able to team up with your business to set and exceed your Renewable Energy Targets.

Broadmeadows town hall

During the town hall redevelopment we worked closely with our electrical division to design and construct a 92.6kW solar PV system, including installation of new electrical mains, metering and grid protection.


August 2019

Dan Murphy’s sunshine

Design and construction of a 54.18kW solar PV system, including upgrade of electrical mains cabling and metering, integration with existing backup co-generation system.


May 2019

GRC Environments

Design and construction of a 30.9kW solar PV system, Installation of electrical mains and metering, integration with existing electrical systems.


June 2019

springvale community precinct

Design and construction of a 240kW solar PV system, Installation of electrical mains and metering.


March 2020

"Bills decreased by 86%"

We had a 30KW solar system installed in our factory in country Victoria by the One Team Energy and could not have been happier with their professionalism from quoting right through to commissioning and arranging all of the paperwork to get us up and running.

Our running costs have gone from $30,000.00 per year down to approx $4,000.00 per year so it has proven to be an amazing investment and I would highly recommend One Team Energy for any of your solar needs.

Steve Fennell

Managing Director

Rhyse Allen

"I cant recommend Rhyse and the One Team Energy team enough"

Rhyse Allen was great. He listened well to our needs, was super clear and knowledgeable about our options and provided the most definitive and competitive quote.

Rhyse went the extra mile with the preliminary analysis and planning of the job, including interval analysis and pre approval from CityPower.

The quote was clearly broken down, which enhanced our confidence, as we could see the reasonableness of the prices. Rhyse provided clear instructions to attain the Solar Victoria rebate which we received confirmation of in less than 24hours.

Communication and coordination of all the paperwork was effortless. Installation was completed in under two days (one day less than predicted) and demonstrated the professionalism and organisational skill of Rhyse and his team. Rhyse then patiently helped us to understand the wireless Fronius Inverter web analysis page available from Solarweb.

I cant recommend Rhyse and the One Team Energy team enough, a pleasure doing business with them.

Sam Johnson

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